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on 17/09/2006 at 18:02
Score : -/10


i have got to leave a message because i really think that this site is the best about holly i've ever seen! the picture-gallery is awesome and everything is just amazing. i read the whole biography and i am surprised because i thought i knew nearly everything about holly and her world (but i didn't).

is this adress you've added still working? because she doesn't play piper on the set ob WB anymore, so i don't know it.

i've added this site to my favourite-list and i'm going to visit you again, it's just an amazing portal as i already said.

take care and lots of greets from germany, saskia.
on 22/08/2006 at 11:42
Magica_phoebe (Como, Italy)
Score : -/10

I really love Charmed and Holly Marie Combs is a very good actress, person and mother! I love her! and her soon Finey is really beautiful! All my love... magica_phoebe
on 08/07/2006 at 07:52
Lexy (Russian)
Score : -/10

приветик. сайт обалденно крутой. столько всего интересногl 6;.. заходи ко мне на сайт. не забуть про гесту.
on 09/05/2006 at 16:29
Kelly (London, United Kingdom)
Score : -/10

hi everyone

just want to say i love charmed and cant believe its gone.
i mizz em so much. i wish the very best 4 all the charmed actresses. hope to see more of them.

i want to make some friends on here that are connected to charmed interests like myself. so if anyone wants a chat just send me an email or wait until i go online.

also if anyone knows where i can get an address or top fanclub to holly, alyssa, rose and even shannens write in or email clubs. please?

send me an email please. - koolkelly888@hotmail.com

kelly x 16, uk
Messages : 461 to 470
Page : 47
Number of messages : 473
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