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Finley Arthur Donoho Biography


Finley Arthur Donoho was born on April 26th in 2004 in Los Angeles, weighing 3,5 kilos. As the son of Holly Marie Combs of the Aaron Spelling's hit Tv-show Charmed, he certainly has more perks than your every other 2-year-old and may someday follow his mother's footsteps and become an actor. Rumour has it that he has already made his debut in 2004 on Charmed in the episode "Cheaper by the coven (7.03)" as baby Chris. Despite that, he technically has appeared in 23 Charmed episodes more as his mother, Holly, was pregnant with him through all season six. They even had to give his mother's character, Piper, another child because of that.

When Finley's parents - Holly and David [Donoho] - married in 2004 on Valentine's Day, they had been dating for two years and Holly was seven months pregnant. Finley didn't get to enjoy the quiet life for long as already in august began the shootings of season seven of Charmed. On the set of Charmed Finley and his nanny had their own trailer, but he wasn't there most of the time as his mother's co-stars Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan liked to take him to the make-up trailer between the shoots and toy with his hair. They gave him a Mohawk the other day. "Somehow he always comes back to me with lipstick all over him," says Holly Marie, smiling. "So his either going to be very in love with women when he grows up, or his going to be gay. He's going to be a cross-dresser."

Currently Finley resides in his mother's San Fernando Valley ranch-style home his green nursery with his exactly two and and a half years younger brother, Riley [Edward Donoho].


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