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Finley Fun Facts
Finley Arthur Donoho was born in Los Angeles on April 26th 2004, weighting 3.5kg
Despite being credited in only one Charmed episode, technically he appeared in 24 episodes. His mother, Holly Marie Combs, was pregnant with him through all season six.
Finley’s home is decorated in a western ranch style
On the set of Charmed Finley had his own personal trailer (he had to share it with his nanny though)
His mother Holly was seven months pregnant when she and Finley’s father, David eloped and wed on Valentine’s Day
Finley’s nursery was green because Holly didn’t want “the typical boy-blue” and wanted to keep it neutral in case they should have more kids.
Finley arrived by caesarean. His mother, Holly didn’t want it but the removal of a tumor she had had at the age of 24 had created a weak spot and the doctors were afraid that it might tear with labor and contractions.
Since at the time Finley was born his mother played one of the legendary Charmed Ones on the TV-show Charmed, he has been called ‘A little Charmed One’.
His mother's pregnancy caused some problems to Charmed writers and producers. They had to give another baby to Holly's character, Piper Halliwell.
Just nine days after the cast wrapped the season 6 finale of Charmed where Holly’s character Piper had her second son, Holly gave birth to Finley.
Even though he was on Charmed just once, he's on Charmed set every day with his mother.
Finley wears Charmed-clothes. This is can be seen for instance, on some of the photos of the Jadran Lazic photoshoot (made in 2004), where Finley has a promotional photo from the 4th season with “my girls” written under it.
On the set of Charmed, his mother Holly can’t let him out of sight for long as her co-stars, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan like to take Finley to the make-up trailer and play with his hair. They gave him a Mohawk the other day.
His parents went out for 2 years before they getting married
His parents – Holly and David – were very lucky to even have him as doctors had said that it might be very hard for Holly to get pregnant.
When Holly was interviewing nannies, most assumed that they would just be staying home with Finley, but his mother surprised them: they have come with her [to the set of Charmed] and she leaves at 6am!
His mother gained 40 pounds during the pregnancy
Holly has said about Finley: “Thank God, he's such a good traveler. He adapts so well. He can pretty much sleep anywhere. I was very, very worried about him having a normal kind of life and being comfortable and not carted around everywhere, but he's so good. We went on location in Las Vegas with my husband and we'd go out to the casino and he thinks there's just a lot of people in the living room. Like, wow, it's kind of loud and there's a lot of people here today.”
On the set of Charmed Finley is constantly being traded between Combs and unofficial aunties Milano and Rose McGowan. "Somehow he always comes back to me with lipstick all over him," said a smiling Combs later on. "So he's either going to be very in love with women when he grows up, or he's going to be gay. He's going to be a cross-dresser.“
Finley is rumored to have made his first TV appearance was in Charmed as "Baby Christopher Halliwell" on episode "Cheaper By The Coven" (#7.03) on 26 Sept. 2004
 Finley has a 2,5 years younger brother, Riley Edward Donoho, who was also born on the 26th like Finley, but in October [2006].
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